Pilates, an exercise therapy for body aches & pain

If this is your first Pilates class…

For many, their first introduction to Pilates is at the gym, community clubs, or from fusion classes where Pilates exercises are included into ballet, yoga (yogalates) or aerobic workouts. However, there is a resurgence in interest in “old-school” Pilates. Experience how Pilates is traditionally done, and why Pilates is a good exercise therapy:

Pilates & Benefits

What is Pilates?

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Is Pilates for You?

Pilates improves fitness, core strength, flexibility and posture. While Pilates can be challenging, Joseph Pilates invented the reformer to make the exercises accessible to everyone. If you think you are too inflexible for Pilates, think again…


What are Core Muscles?

Can Pilates trim belly fat?

Core muscles support the lumbar spine, but they also have cosmetic benefits. When your core muscles are strong, they create a slimming effect on the waistline…   READ MORE

Pilates: An Exercise Therapy for Back Pain

Eight Weeks to a Stronger Core

You have been advised to try Pilates for your back pain. Can Pilates help?

Read what the research say about Pilates for back pain… READ MORE

Our Class Options:

Pilates 1-to-1:

  • A Pilates program just for you. Strengthen muscles that need the most strengthening. Improve your strengths, work on your weaknesses.
  • Personalised training is beneficial when you have a painful joint, or a weak area such as, a prior injury on the lower back, a painful knee or tensed shoulders, that you don’t want to aggravate.
  • You can exercise with confidence, knowing we are also qualified orthopedic manual therapist. Receive manual therapy when you need. We will loosen the tension or painful joint for you. Manual therapy is like a massage, but more precise. See better results from Pilates when the tension area is relieved.
  • Train in a studio that understands your pain.

Pilates Duet:

  • Enjoy the privacy of Pilates for Two. Have a Pilates program designed for you both.
  • Delve in the finer points of the exercises. A small class is beneficial if you have a joint pain, and want attention to the area.
  • Stretch and train with a loved one or a friend: motivate each other.
  • Want to come on your own for the Duet? Yes, you can. We can pair you up with someone. Call us to learn more.
  • Trial starts at $90 / person.

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Really like the Pilates class, better flexibility

I really like the Pilates class because May explains it very well. As such, I can actually do the exercise quite easily. At the same time, I can feel improvement in my flexibility. I hope she continues teaching the class at NUS.

A surprisingly pleasant intro to Pilates

Thank you for a very surprisingly pleasant introduction to Pilates. I am an experienced athlete and a professional diver with chronic stiffness in the neck and shoulders. Today, I found new skills to augment what I already knew, and a focus on proper technique for great results. I felt very effectively engaged.

Weekly Pilates, important in my schedule

I often wear high heels which affect my posture. I walked with a hunch. I have the pleasure of improving my posture in the Pilates classes at Move Therapy. When I see myself in the mirror, I see the change. I stand straight. I put Pilates down as important in my schedule. I make it a point to come for exercise every week.

The best part, my lower back pain has gone away

I attended Pilates classes because of my lower back pain that came about after NS. I had fears prior to joining May’s Pilates session as the only guy in class, but her non-judgemental attitude very quickly eased my worries and concerns. I started to enjoy the sessions more and more each week with her patient guidance. The best part is that now my lower back pain has gone away!

Any stiffness always get relieved

I always leave every Pilates session feeling mobile and supple. Any stiffness and other related conditions, that came with a desk-bound job, always get relieved. It is because May’s approach to exercise is holistic. Clients are more aware of their everyday movement when they get to practice the movement in the sessions; the emphasis on connecting the breath and mind is also important. I wish there were more like her in the industry! I miss my sessions when I’m away.

Each week I walk away with a smile

Just completed my 6th Pilates session and I feel great. I have really noticed the difference already. I am feeling stronger and fitter from my sessions. The care, precision and attention, that May provides, has allowed me to make quick progress and to concentrate on my posture, core strength and flexibility. I love attending my reformer session and each week I walk away with a smile!

Less tired after a long day at work

I am in my 40s. I can feel that my lower back and kneecap are starting to weaken. After I attended May's Pilates lessons, I can feel that I have improved in terms of strength, fitness and balance. I have learned to strengthen and stretch certain parts of our body muscles that we rarely work on in our daily life. My body posture has also improved tremendously, and I feel less tired after a long day of work in front of a computer.

I'm running more, have less injury

I am an avid runner. I run 10km a few times a week. I had hurt my ankles, calves just to name a few of the body parts I’d injured from running. Many of times I didn’t wait until I have completely recovered before I resumed running. It had resulted in the injury being prolonged. After attending May’s Pilates classes for about a year, I have gained better awareness of my body and movement. May taught me a lot about core strengthening, maintaining good posture and about movement. I’m more aware of my running posture. I find myself correcting my posture on the go like altering my foot alignment when I encounter discomfort, as well as how to stretch after. I can run more often because I have less injury now. Thank you May.

My 2017 Highlight is your Pilates Classes

"One good thing that happened to me in 2017 is attending your Pilates classes. I have chronic lower back pain since early 20s. I am in my 30s now. From a MRI scan a year ago, I found I have ‘lesser fluid’ on two of my lower back discs which might be the cause of my back pain. Sometimes, sitting was just annoying and I’d to take leave from my desk or from what I was doing to lie down. I’d been visiting TCM for quick reliefs when the pain was unbearable. I did some yoga and exercises through the years. They helped but they seemed to bring me other issues like knee discomfort, and a feeling of imbalance on my lower back. It could be I was doing these yoga poses and exercises wrongly. However, in your Pilates classes, the instructions are very detailed and clear on which part of the body I should be working on. Hence, I am able to do the pose with confidence without having to worry I might injure my back further. The lower back feels so soft after each lesson. After so many years of searching for an answer, the solution to my lower back problem is Pilates, where ‘The pelvis is the centre of the body where everything begins’ 🙂 Thank you!"


"The result is amazing! My posture has improved. I now stand taller and walk with greater balance. I enjoy every Pilates class with its varied exercises using muscles that I did not know I have."
Kwee Eng


"I love the Pilates class! The clear, well-structured and creative exercises sometimes left me feeling sore, but glad I went. The instructor tailored the exercises to suit class members, provided individual attention to everyone on alignment and posture improvement. I found her “hands on” approach very helpful. It helped me understand what I need to work on. Going to the classes have improved my posture, flexibility and strength. Definitely for people who are interested in increasing their flexibility, balance and strength!"
Chew Hoey


"I'm in my early 20s. Having a lower back strain for close to 3 years, I can really feel the difference after attending May's Pilates group lessons. I’ve been attending for 10 weeks. I can feel that my posture has improved significantly and my back doesn't hurt as often as before. Thank you!"

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