We offer Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT,) Pilates & Move Therapy:

 Exercise + Manual Therapy

Do you have a painful or weak joint? You want to exercise regularly, but you are worried that exercise may worsen the pain? You are looking for an exercise studio, that understands your pain, and where you can exercise without fear? We are the right place for you.

We offer a 2-in-1 approach where clinical orthopedic manual therapy and exercises are offered as a package. Receive the physical release that you need to relieve the pain, as well as the exercises, both strength and core training, to take you further. We will progress you on an exercise, so that you will improve overtime and find more lasting pain relief.

 Manual therapy is like a massage, but more precise

Do you have neck and shoulder pain? You can’t seem to relax your neck and shoulder muscles. You go for regular massages, but the relief has been temporary. Try our 1-to-1 session for shoulder care. In the session, we will check, palpate and loosen the tension on the neck and shoulders with manual therapy.

Manual (also known as physical) therapy is like a massage because it is also done by hand, except the treatment is more precise. We will do an orthopedic assessment on your range of motion at the shoulder joint, as well as check the muscle tone of your shoulder muscles by hand before administering the treatment. In manual therapy, the treatment is not how “hard” the hands are on tension areas, but how precise the touch is. Targeted muscular releases with joint manipulation, produce fast and effective results.

In the same session, you will get to enjoy exercises that strengthen your shoulders. Strengthening the shoulders have a positive effect on shoulder health. You will not only feel the tension lifted from your neck and shoulders, but also stronger after each session.

 Be informed, do the right exercises, have access to the right tools

Do you have knee pain? Our services include assessing and loosening the tension around the knee joint to relieve the pain. We will also give you “homework” where we will show how you can actively bring relief to your knee with foam rolling and other therapy balls. Being informed, doing the right exercises plus, access to the right rehabilitative tools provide a pro-active approach to knee care. At the end of the day, you are your own best therapist. No one knows your body better than you.

 Pilates for weak core muscles

Have you been told you have a weak core, and that Pilates can help? Discover the benefits of Pilates. Find out how Pilates strengthens core muscles, builds strong lean muscles and improves posture. Just eight weeks of Pilates, twice a week, have shown to be able to significantly improve core strength. Read what the research say about Pilates.

Our Pilates 1-to-1 includes Pilates and manual therapy. If you have lower back, neck and shoulder, or knee pain, or other pathologies, and want to practice Pilates, these 1-to-1 sessions are tailored for you. We also have group Pilates, and they are small of 3 persons each class. The small classes are especially helpful if you are new to Pilates and want to do it right.

 Personal training to build strength & endurance

The Move Therapy session includes manual therapy and personal training. Get 1-to-1 coaching on strength and endurance exercises if you are doing the 1-to-1 session. The exercises are customised for you, so that you see faster results. If you are participating in our group classes, our group classes of Back Care, Knee Care or Shoulder Care are small of 2 to 3 people. Get the attention you need in our small, supervised class. When we do an exercise with good form, we reap the full benefit of the exercise and reduce the risk of injury.

For more information on our 1-to-1 session and group classes, see Pilates and Move Therapy or call us at 6996 4396 to arrange an appointment.


Really like the Pilates class, better flexibility

I really like the Pilates class because May explains it very well. As such, I can actually do the exercise quite easily. At the same time, I can feel improvement in my flexibility. I hope she continues teaching the class at NUS.

A surprisingly pleasant intro to Pilates

Thank you for a very surprisingly pleasant introduction to Pilates. I am an experienced athlete and a professional diver with chronic stiffness in the neck and shoulders. Today, I found new skills to augment what I already knew, and a focus on proper technique for great results. I felt very effectively engaged.

Knee exercises and activities that I can continue on my own

Working overseas, I came back to Singapore for a short four week holiday and thought I should get some Pilates classes to further strengthen my weak knee due to a meniscus tear. I found Move Therapy by googling and signed up for my 1-to1 trial class. May went through my problem and what the doctors did for me. She then designed a set of exercises and activities which I could continue on my own when I go back to work, overseas. After my first trial lesson, I was just so amazed by the differences in my legs. When I arrived back in Singapore, although I’ve recuperated from the meniscus tear through physiotherapy and physical therapy at the hospital, my legs still felt swollen and stiff. I was not able to bend my knees. My attempts at swimming, which was recommended by the doctor, was hard, as I wasn't sure how to move anymore. After my first session with May, my leg muscles felt more relaxed and subsequent sessions continued to make me feel I’m near full recovery. The exercises and activities May prescribed were easy enough to continue at home and in a gym anywhere I go. Thanks!

Weekly Pilates, important in my schedule

I often wear high heels which affect my posture. I walked with a hunch. I have the pleasure of improving my posture in the Pilates classes at Move Therapy. When I see myself in the mirror, I see the change. I stand straight. I put Pilates down as important in my schedule. I make it a point to come for exercise every week.

The best part, my lower back pain has gone away

I attended Pilates classes because of my lower back pain that came about after NS. I had fears prior to joining May’s Pilates session as the only guy in class, but her non-judgemental attitude very quickly eased my worries and concerns. I started to enjoy the sessions more and more each week with her patient guidance. The best part is that now my lower back pain has gone away!

Back Care class is fun, therapeutic

I have fun in the Back Care class. Who would have thought you could use foam roller, spike ball, exercise bands and even a tennis ball to loosen the lower back? The pain can be intense on the parts of the body where the muscles are tight. As I learn to relax into it, the painful sensation feels good. That is when I think my body gets pampered.  My lower back is stronger also with the exercises in class, and I get to iron out the knots in my body. So therapeutic. I hope classes will continue as long as possible.
Kwee Eng

Each session I see improvement

I was fortunate to connect with May at Move Therapy to heal my shoulder and back issues. On day one, she did a thorough assessment of my posture and range of motion. She made a great exercise plan for me. With each session I could see the improvement, and magically my pain went away. Still before starting each session, she would assess then adjust the exercises accordingly. Thank you May for relieving my pain and giving me a new understanding on how I can maintain my body balance and posture!! I strongly recommend Move Therapy to anybody who is in pain, and if you are not in pain, the sessions will let you gain a new understanding of the human body.


"I was so worried about climbing Wutai Shan (Shanxi, China) because I'd knee pain. I wanted to  perform the Buddhist rite of walk, pray and kneel on every three steps up the 1,080 stairs of the sacred mountain. It was the main reason for going. It would be very difficult to do with my kneecap problem. My sister recommended Move Therapy to me. After one session, I was so surprised there was no more pain on my kneecap. I felt I was walking with very light steps. The relief was so immediate, it took me by surprise. Of course, I continued to roll after, using the foam roller. It wasn't just from one class at Move Therapy, but the class showed me how to and on which area of my legs I should focus on when I roll. I was able to walk, pray and kneel up Wutai Shan. A wish come true. No knee pain. Thank you."
Beng Lee


"I'm in my early 20s. Having a lower back strain for close to 3 years, I can really feel the difference after attending May's Pilates group lessons. I’ve been attending for 10 weeks. I can feel that my posture has improved significantly and my back doesn't hurt as often as before. Thank you!"


"I'd dizzy spells and headache. They were so bad that I’d been unable to work. I saw many health professionals and nothing worked until I saw May. In my one-to-one sessions, May relieved the tension from my neck and shoulders, and she showed me how I can actively keep the pain away through rolling and exercise. With exercise, my legs are also stronger. I can walk further. I climbed Mt Fuji in Japan with my husband in 2015. A year ago, I won't have thought I would be able to join my husband on the trip up Mt Fuji."


"I’d persistent lower back pain after giving birth to my daughter. I saw many healthcare professionals, but my back didn’t get better. But since starting my private sessions, my pain has gone. Before I didn’t want to move out of fear my back would act up, but not anymore. I’ve started running, and recently completed a 5-km run. Thank you!"